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Unlocking the Photographic Archives of the Pioneering Years of Egyptology at the Royal Museums of Art and History in Brussels

Picture of the Month  (05/11/2020)

We start our series of 'Picture of the Month' with the image that adorns the home page of our website. This photograph was taken by Jean Capart in 1905 inside the mortuary temple of Seti I in Western Thebes. It shows Charles Mathien, one of Capart’s students at the University of Liège, and early travelling companion, facing a wall inside the chapel of the solar cult.
This visit was part of a trip that Capart made to Egypt on behalf of the RMAH to choose a mastaba in Saqqara for the museum in Brussels. This 5th Dynasty mastaba, belonging to Neferirtenef, still constitutes a masterpiece of the Egyptian collection at the RMAH (E.02465).
This particular glass plate is actually part of a stereogram, i.e. a pair of two-dimensional, offset images that could be combined and viewed using a stereoscope to give the perception of 3D depth. For an animated view of this stereogram, visit our Instagram account.


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