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SURA Project press release

This week, the RTBF (Radio Télévision Belge Francophone) has devoted an article to our project. You can read it here: Projet "Sura" : des photos anciennes sur l'égyptologie, toutes accessibles en ligne.

Picture of the Month  (06/01/2021)

For more than a century, important restoration works have been conducted within the temple precincts at Karnak. This photograph taken by Jean Capart in 1909 recalls the enormous effort that the Egyptian Antiquities Service put in consolidating and re-building the great hypostyle hall of the temple of Amun. It documents the delicate operation of the 21st of April, during which Georges Legrain (to the right of the block) and his team removed a 50-ton architrave block in the southern part of the great hypostyle hall. This is recounted by Legrain in 'Excavations and Explorations', AREEF 1908-1909, 15. A massive amount of backfill material had been moved from the northern part of the hall to form a 15m high artifical mound along which the block could be dragged down the ramp using rope and wooden rollers. Note the flags and palm branches that were attached to the block by the workmen to bring a blessing upon the operation. For an animated view of this picture as a stereogram, visit our Instagram account.


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